I’ve been crocheting for only a short time (about 3.5 years more or less). I didn’t really dive deep into the craft, however, until the last year or so. When I first began, I fell in love with all the different afghan patterns there were out there. I especially like the ones from Red Heart’s One Square, Many Ways booklet. I bought the booklet wanting to begin immediately on several of the afghans the book had to offer. I believe I bought yarn for 4 of them: the Lilac One Square, Pink Roses, Greener Pastures (I had a hard time finding all the yarn I needed for this one), and the Fluorescent  Vision.

 Let’s just say only one of them was actually completed. And although it was exciting to see the end result, I no longer have visions of afghans running through my head. I just don’t have the patience for it. I wish I did; and there is the occasional baby afghan I can pop out. But for the most part, quick projects are my friends.

 That being said, I had all this yarn I bought and (no longer) anything to do with it. So I put on my designer’s hat. I was really into the idea of making children’s clothing. As I’ve mentioned before, I have 3 lovely daughters; therefore I have a pretty much open canvas when it comes to creating outfits ^_^. I took each of their measurements and wrote them down for future reference and got to work. The result is this: the Kayla Dress.

It uses all the colors of the Lilac One Square from the booklet I mentioned before. It turned out so great! I have even already written up a pattern for it. Talk about positive motivation! It’s so much more rewarding to finish something you created yourself (in my humble opinion). It’s sized to fit a 12-24 month old. Here’s a picture of it on my daughter (15 months):

2013-03-26 09.27.26

Do you have any of your own patterns? Share your designing stories in the comments! Hope to “hear” from you soon!

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